Panthers News · Six Easy Ways to Become a MVP – Most Valuable Parent

It is difficult being the parent of a student-athlete.  There is far more emotion and social pressure involved than is ideal.  But if you follow these six pointers, not only will your children love and respect you, but so will their teammates and coaches.   And you might even be named MVP – Most Valuable Parent.

(1) Attend your children’s games as often as possible;

(2) Cheer for all the kids on the team, not just your own;

(3) Be a resource for your child’s team;

(4) Try not to criticize the coach or the officials in front of your child;

(5) Empower your child to talk with the coach about concerns and

(6) Focus on the life lessons your children are learning, not on won-lost records or how many points they are scoring.

Thank you to the IHSAA for providing this public service announcement!  #FaceOfSportsmanship